Dekopon mandarins are seedless, sweet and Enormously Good to Eat™.

Naturally large in size with a distinctive top knot, the Dekopon mandarin is seedless, sweet, and easy to peel.

Dekopon is one of the most sought after citrus in North America and is now expanding globally.

Key Features

  1. Seedless, easy peel mandarin

  2. Distinct and superbly sweet flavour

  3. One of the most sought after citrus varieties globally


The Fruit

  • Size: 200–280g
  • Shape: Obovoid with distinctive top knot
  • Colour: Yellow–orange, Bumpy, loose skin
  • Texture and flavour: Tender juicy texture,
    sweet and juicy flavour

The Tree

  • High vigour


  • Originating in Japan in 1940
  • Combines the easy peel Satsuma mandarin with the sweet flavour of Californian oranges


  • Exclusive licenses in Australia and New Zealand


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