Diva™ are Premium apples, fresh from the idyllic apple growing conditions of New Zealand. Naturally bright red and high in flavour.

Diva are Premium apples, fresh from the idyllic apple growing conditions of New Zealand. Naturally bright red and high in flavour. A very popular apple!

Key Features

  1. Medium-large apple that attracts the eye

  2. Diva has a solid red blush on a cream background

  3. A unique sweet taste with a firm dense flesh

  4. Diva has a higher brix

    and is sweeter than most other red brands


The Fruit

  • Size: 70–80mm average
  • Shape: Round consistent
  • Colour: Bright red blush with yellow/green base
  • Texture and flavour: Optimal balance of sweetness, acidity

The Tree

  • Type: Medium sized, upright to spreading
  • Flowering: Early
  • Productivity: 80–100 tonnes per hectare

Diva™ Apple Availability

Domestic Production


  • Originates from the University of California, Riverside breeding programme
  • Irradiated W. Murcott that is seedless


  • Licensed marketer in Australia and New Zealand


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