Gold Nugget

'Gold Nugget' mandarins are so delicious that you will treasure the taste™ from the first moment.

Developed by University of California, ‘Gold Nugget’ mandarins ares an easy peel, seedless mandarin with rich orange flavour.

The name ‘Gold Nugget’ reflects the bright colour and appearance of the mandarin.

Key Features

  1. Late Maturing seedless mandarin hybrid

  2. Rich and sweet orange flavour

  3. Growing retail presence in North America


The Fruit

  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Light orange skin, with pebbly rind
  • Texture and flavour: Extremely rich and sweet flavour

The Tree

  • Moderately vertical tree with long branches
    and dense canopy.

'Gold Nugget' Availability

Gold Nugget
Domestic Production


  • Originates from the University of California, Riverside breeding programme
  • The ‘Gold Nugget’ is a hybrid of the ‘Wilking’ and ‘Kincy’ mandarins


  • Licensed marketer in Australia and New Zealand


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