Kanzi™ is an outstanding apple, now one of the pre-eminent apple brands available in Europe and the United States.

With a shiny red-pink blush, Kanzi™ has a uniquely juicy, tart flavour and crunchy bite.

Key Features

  1. Shiny bright red-pink blush apple

  2. Uniquely juicy and tart flavour with a firm crunchy bite

  3. Growing presence in retail particularly in US & Europe


The Fruit

  • Size: 70–80mm average
  • Shape: Round consistent
  • Colour: Bright red blush with yellow/green base
  • Texture and flavour: Optimal balance of sweetness, acidity

The Tree

  • Type: Medium sized, upright to spreading
  • Flowering: Early
  • Productivity: 80–100 tonnes per hectare

Kanzi™ Apple Availability

Domestic Production


  • ‘Nicoter’ variety, originates from Belgium
  • A bi-colour Braeburn / Royal Gala cross


  • Outstanding storage capability – up to 8 months in CA
  • Good shelf life if kept in ambient storage


  • Exclusive license in New Zealand


New Zealand Supply
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