Munch'n™ Kiwiberry

A new generation of snacking has given the juicy and delicious Munch'n™ kiwberry the chance to become a rising star.

Freshmax is the licensee for a range of superior kiwiberry varieties bred by PFR in New Zealand.

These kiwiberries, branded as Munch’n™ are fast becoming a rising star in Freshmax’s range of export programs. Their delicious flavour and eating experience make them perfect for any consumers that is out to try something different.

Key Features

  1. Convenient and unique product within the berryfruit category

  2. Soft edible skin with a sweet and juicy flesh

  3. Bite sized approximately the size of a grape


The Fruit

  • Size: Similar to cherry tomato/grape
  • Weight: 8-12g per piece
  • Shape: Oval
  • Colour: Green, translucent green-white flesh
  • Texture and flavour: Sweet and fresh, with a thin skin which can be eaten

The Vine

  • Approximately 14-20 tonnes per hectare.

Munch'n™ Availability

Munch'n™ Kiwiberry
Domestic Production


  • Evidence to date is showing these Kiwiberry varieties have a low level of susceptibility to PSAV


  • Approx. 6 weeks


  • Freshmax™ hold the exclusive New Zealand master kiwiberry license, granted by Plant and Food Research (PFR) to commercialise four of their proprietary kiwiberry varieties


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