Sun World® Series

Freshmax is a licensed marketer in Australia of Sun World®’s summerfruit brands.

We are proud to have access to one of the world’s premier varietal development programs. Freshmax Australia is licensed marketer in Australia of Sun World®’s premier stonefruit brands, including:

  • Black Diamond® plums are the ultimate summer fruit, with their brilliant red flesh, exceptional flavor, sweetness and a crisp, juicy texture.
  • Honeycot® apricots are sweet, juicy, large in size and full of flavor.

Key Features

  1. Black Diamond®

    are a brilliantly brightly coloured red-flesh plum
  2. Honeycot®

    are an early season, superly juicey apricot


The Fruit

Black Diamond®

  • Size: 48mm–65mm
  • Colour: Black skin with distinctive red flesh
  • Texture and Flavour: Sweet and juicy


  • Size: 48mm–60mm in size
  • Colour: Orange with red blush
  • Texture and Flavour: Sweet and juicy

Sun World™ Series Availability

Black Diamond™
Domestic Production


  • Sun World® in California


  • Licensed marketer in Australia


Australia Supply
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