Tangold Seedless™

With Tangold Seedless™ mandarins, you will quickly come to treasure their seedless and beautifully sweet eating characteristics.

Whilst the Tangold Seedless™ mandarin is deep in colour and similar in appearance to a traditional W. Murcott or Afourer variety, it is in no way the same thing.

To maintain a seedless characteristic for Tangold Seedless™ you don’t need netting or isolation. And as a result, Tangold Seedless™ growers can more easily produce citrus fruit that meets consumers ever increasing expectations on flavour and seed count.

Key Features

  1. Easy to peel & seedless without isolation

  2. Deep orange skin and flesh

  3. Rich sweet flavour


The Fruit

  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Deep orange, smooth rind
  • Texture and flavour: Rich and sweet flavour with a smooth peel and deep orange flesh

The Tree

  • Tree growth habit is upright with excellent production commencing in the second year
    after planting.

Tangold Seedless™ Availability

Tangold Seedless™
Domestic Production


  • Originates from the University of California, Riverside breeding program


  • Licensed marketer in Australia and New Zealand


Australian Supply
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