Fast becoming one of New Zealand’s favourite tomatoes, having strong cut-through within a saturated market.  

The Tomatoberry™ point of difference is the unique heart shape, together with an impressive flavour and satisfying thick flesh.

Tomatoberry™ won 3rd place in the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards in 2008 and as a result received strong media attention. Freshmax™ recognised a gap in the NZ market for this superior product and quickly proceeded to secure the NZ license.

Key Features

  1. Superior, old fashioned tomato taste

  2. Heart-shaped and bite sized

  3. Demand for tomatoberry is rising throughout New Zealand


The Fruit

  • Average fruit weights: 8 –12g
  • Size: Similar to a cherry tomato
  • Shape: Heart
  • Colour: Deep red
  • Texture and flavour: Thick flesh with a homegrown tomato-like flavour

The Truss

  • Setting speed is relatively slow, it is to be harvested individually with the calyx on
  • Three trusses can be flowering / harvesting at once
  • The flower trusses are long with between 25 and 35 fruit per truss
  • The size of the fruit is quite uniform from the top to the bottom of the truss


  • Developed by the world famous cherry tomato breeder Tokita Seed Company in Japan


  • Proudly New Zealand grown
  • Marketed all year round, with stronger
    volumes over summer


  • Exclusive license in New Zealand


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