Freshmax Exports Limited

Following an extended New Zealand joint venture, Freshmax Exports Limited was formed as a result of our 2014 acquisition of the Crasborns Group

Today Freshmax Exports Limited operates as the group’s global pipfruit operation, and manages supply programs for some of the world’s greatest apple and pear varieties produced in New Zealand. Freshmax owns and manages multiple integrated farming and packing facilities and works with a large number of committed supply partners. Our specialist team ensures the product is grown and packed to the highest specification and is safe for consumption.


Our Reach

We partner with clients across more than 40 countries around the world. Freshmax and Kiwi Crunch can be found in wholesale, retail and online/ e-commerce markets around the globe. With a robust global reach and customer diversity, we are experts in the marketplace and take pride in providing the best quality apples and pears globally. Core markets for us include:

  • Asia & South East Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • India
  • Middle East


Export Brands

Our category brands, Kiwi Crunch™ and Freshmax, are synonymous with top quality New Zealand apples and pears worldwide. This is the result of our unwavering commitment to achieving the best outcomes for our customers. We lead the way as world-class marketers and distributors.

Maintaining brand reputation

As brands, Kiwi Crunch™ and Freshmax have a strong supply base of dedicated growers that are committed to growing superior produce. We take a tough stance on quality from tree to market and align that with New Zealand’s pure water, fresh air and soil to help us to create the freshest and juiciest apples in the world.


Our Orchards

In the Hawkes Bay, we lease, manage and own over 500 hectares. We also have apple and pear suppliers in the South Island. All New Zealand apple and pear orchards and supply parties that we work with follow the New Zealand Apple and Pear Industry IFP and Apple Futures programme, which was initiated in 2008. This incorporates pest monitoring, disease models and biological controls to reduce chemical residues on New Zealand grown apples.

Global Gap certification is mandatory for suppliers to Freshmax.

Post Harvest Facilities

Our leading growing standards are matched with leading post-harvest practices. All fruit we handle is treated with the utmost care and attention. Our Pipfruit Packhouse has BRC accreditation – the leading safety and quality certification programme available.

The packhouse follows the principles of BRC not just for legal but also moral and ethical obligations – we believe that we must provide complete protection to the end consumer. This approach ensures retailer confidence in the fruit that we supply.

Dedicated Subsidiaries

Crasborn FreshHarvest

Freshmax Global Pipfruit operates at such a scale, that it can offer third party packing services to many of New Zealand's most prestigious Apple growers.

Freshmax Orchards

Freshmax Orchards owns and manages multiple integrated farming and packing facilities and works with many committed supply partners.

Key Commercial Partners


The Freshmax Group has extensive experience in the licensing, development and commercialization of new varieties and brands.

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