Global Harvest,
Local Expertise

Freshmax Group comprises one of the largest fresh produce marketing and distribution operations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Welcome to Freshmax

Freshmax is a global fresh produce distribution and marketing business with operations around the Pacific Rim.

We supply growing international markets year-round with the highest quality products from some of the world’s best production zones in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Chile, Peru and beyond.

Complementing our global reach, Freshmax now stands as a leading developer of varietal IP, offering exclusive access to some of the worlds finest proprietary varieties and brands through our long-standing investment in new genetics.

As we grow, one certainty remains: people are pivotal to our success. Our growers, our customers and our staff are at the heart of the Freshmax journey.

Across the Pacific

Founded in New Zealand in 1995 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Freshmax has transitioned into a global fresh produce platform.

Today we are proud to work with growers and supply partners around the Pacific Rim in some of the world’s most renown horticultural production zones.

Throughout the year we ship premium fresh produce to customers on six continents.

Innovation is
in our DNA

Innovation is critical to what we do.

Through our IP development business, Innovar, we work with some of the world’s best treefruit and berryfruit breeding programs to deliver outstanding new genetics and proprietary varieties to our grower partners in Australia, New Zealand, the US and beyond.

Our Products

From California to Central Otogo, we work with some of the world's best growers to supply customers across the globe with the finest fresh produce - year round.