Avocados are one of the world’s fastest growing horticultural products and one of our pillar categories.

We source avocados from growers across some of the world’s key sub-tropical production zones: Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, California and Chile. In Australia, Freshmax is one of the leading avocado ripeners for growers from North Queensland to Victoria. In New Zealand we export avocados to Australia and into growing markets in Asia.

Adding Value in a Growing Sector

In addition to supplying avocados into world markets, we have a role to play in adding value in the supply chain, both now and in the future:

Ripening Services

Freshmax owns and manages one of Australia’s leading avocado ripening and cool chain distribution platfroms, connecting growers nationwide with major avocado retail programs

Innovating beyond Hass

Over the coming decades innovation will revolutionise the sector. With an eye to the future, Freshmax is now working with breeders worldwide to test leading proprietary rootstocks and scions that can deliver higher orchard efficiency and a better eating experience for our customers

Avocado Availability

The tables below show the seasonal availability of our global avocado supply:

Source Availability Supply Regions
Australia Feb - Sep Queensland: Childers, Bundaberg
New Zealand June - Feb Northland,
Bay of Plenty
Mexico Year Round Mexico
USA Jan - Apr California
Peru Mar - Jul Peru
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