Our Services

Expert Service Provision

Our scale primes us to offer efficient and innovative services to the industry.

Freshmax offers a full suite of fresh produce supply chain services to both suppliers and customers. Our scale primes us to offer efficient and innovative packing, whilst our broad network ensures flexibility

From efficient packing solutions to state-of-the-art ripening services, stringent quality control measures, and secure cold storage and warehousing, we offer a holistic approach to supporting your operations


Multi-National Supply Network

The Freshmax Group maintains a broad network of supply and packing partners across multiple countries. We are driven by efficient and sustainable outcomes, and are proud to be the preferred packer for many of Australia’s leading fresh produce growers.

Innovative Packing Technology

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality is evidenced by our extensive investment into state-of-the-art machines and packing equipment, which enables us to comfortably manage large local and export packing consignments.

An Array of Pre-Packing Options

Through offering a wide range of pre-packing options, we can accommodate for all types of film, net bag and flow wrap configurations.


Australia-wide Coverage

Freshmax manages industry leading ripening centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We deliver ripening services to all major retailers throughout Australia, both for their own product and also as a third-party service provision for other successful partners and brands.

Dedicated Service

We also manage our ripening centres as a dedicated resource for a major retail partner. We understand the skill and efficiency that is required to operate at this scale, and our continued investment in our equipment upholds our commitment to delivering exceptional service.


All-in-One Solution

Our grower and wholesale partners realise efficiency benefits from our one stop shop for consolidation, fumigation and plant health assurance certification.

Uncompromising Quality

Our state-of-the-art fumigation & consolidation facilities ensure quality, whilst our certified industry leading Fumigators guarantee compliance. We prioritise our partners, with our service available on weekends and public holidays, as well as extended cut-off timing for stock receival by at least four hours.

Quality Control

A Cornerstone to our Organisation

Quality is key to our business and is something we have unyieldingly provided since our inception. Our QC staff are professionally trained experts, and use the latest software and standards to guarantee that customer specifications are met no matter how varied.

Quality Assurance – Globally

We have quality assurance staff across all of our global sites. We offer a robust compliance program and are proud to hold global food safety accreditations, including GlobalGAP.

Cold Store

Cool Chain Network

Across Australia Freshmax manages a platform of large-scale warehouses and DCs. These facilities are purpose built for warehousing and cold storage, and are operational 365 days a year.

Trusted Partners

Our continued partnership with Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest retailers and brands highlights our commitment to superb quality standards. Our facility management teams have a wealth of experience that can be applied to your needs.