Australia Domestic

Local Expertise & Services

Freshmax’s Australian domestic operations include a full suite of distribution, marketing and supply chain services

With sites along the eastern seaboard – Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – Freshmax offers a full suite of fresh produce supply chain services, ranging from packing solutions, ripening and fumigation services, through to quality control, cold storage and warehousing.

Underpinning this, DBM is one of Australia’s largest marketers and ripeners of Australian-grown bananas and avocados.

Freshmax National

Freshmax National is a domestically-focused fresh produce sales and distribution platform specialising in distribution of Australian-grown and imported products. Our imports are predominantly sourced from ValleyFresh’s operations in North America and New Zealand.

With a heavy focus on exclusive proprietary IP brands, Freshmax National is focused on distribution of key product lines – citrus, apples, pears, avocados and tropicals – into major Australian retail programs.

State-of-the-art facilities in Sydney and Melbourne offer complementary supply chain services.


DeLuca Banana Marketing is one of Australia’s premier banana and avocado sales and ripening businesses servicing the retail and wholesale sectors across Australia. DBM is based in Brisbane and sources bananas and avocados from major grower partners in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The business is complemented by state-of-the-art ripening and warehouse facilities in southern Queensland which support DBM’s retail marketing business and also provide third party ripening, logistics and storage services.

Fresh Market Services

Freshmax’s Australia’s fresh market services business is a wholesale services business based in Epping, Melbourne.

The business is focused on providing 3rd party warehousing, fumigation, consolidation and ripening services through its 2,000 sqm facility.