The Berryfruit category continues to be a core focus for Freshmax.

With the emergence of flavourful new varieties, advances in production innovation and growing global demand, the berryfruit category continues to be a core focus for Freshmax.

Alongside development of some of the world’s leading blueberry and strawberry genetics in New Zealand, we export berryfruit from prime growing regions in Peru, Chile and Turkey.

New Varieties
are the Future

In Australasia, Freshmax is developing some of the market’s leading new varieties


Born of New Zealand’s rich kiwifruit growing heritage, Kiwiberries are a sweet, snack-sized wonder fruit. We manage some of the premier new kiwiberry varieties in NZ and Australia

MBO Blueberries

Through BerryCo, our New Zealand berryfruit company, we grow and market large, sweet Blue Royal® blueberries domestically and into export markets in Asia

CIV Strawberries

CIV is at the forefront of breeding some of the most sought-after everbearer and short-day strawberry varieties. Innovar is bringing these sweet, new generation strawberries to New Zealand

Berryfruit Availability

The tables below show the seasonal availability of our global berryfruit supply:

Source Availability Supply Regions
New Zealand Sept - Feb Auckland, Waikato, Northland
USA Feb - Oct US: California, Washington, Oregon
Source Availability Supply Regions
New Zealand Oct - May Waikato, Hawkes Bay
Source Availability Supply Regions
Australia Feb - Apr Victoria: Goulburn Valley
New Zealand Feb - Apr Gisborne, Bay of Plenty, Nelson
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Australia Supply:
+61 3 9688 5100

New Zealand Supply:
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