IP & Innovation

Intellectual Property

Innovation is at the heart of what we do as a business.

Access to new varietal genetics, advancements in orcharding systems and post-harvest efficiencies are critical to our supply chain. We work closely with grower partners in Australia, New Zealand, the US and beyond in testing and commercialising new, proprietary varieties that offer improved eating quality for our customers and more sustainable orchards for our growers.

Through Innovar, our IP development co., we are a leader in the licensing, development and commercialisation of new and proprietary varieties in the Asia-Pacific region.


Innovar™ is Freshmax’s dedicated IP development business focused on the commercialisation of exclusive proprietaty varieties, rootstocks and ag-technologies.

Innovar works with trusted breeding partners across the globe to bring a pipeline of future genetics to our growers and supply partners across our business. Horticulture is dynamic, and we understand that continual innovation is critical to our ability to create value for our customers and supply partners the world over.