The Freshmax Group

One Group of Trusted Brands

The Freshmax Group operates some of the most respected fresh produce businesses in Australasia and around the Pacific Rim.

Freshmax and ValleyFresh are the global face of the Group’s international and Australian domestic businesses, with export operations in seven countries around the Asia-Pacific region coupled with substantial supply chain service assets across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Complimentary to this, BerryCo specialises in managing the Group’s commercial berryfruit interests in New Zealand.

Likewise, DBM is one of the largest banana and avocado distribution businesses in the Australian domestic market.

The Freshmax Story

Our business has grown out of strong Australasian roots.

Freshmax was formed in New Zealand in 1995 and privatised two years later through a management buyout combining ENZA subsidiaries Freshmax and Frucor. From our earliest days we’ve been focused on providing a full-service offer to our growers.

In 2006 the company expanded into Australia and acquired a number of entities to reposition the Group as a leading fresh produce supply and marketing platform across Australasia. DeLuca Banana Marketing (DBM) became a part of Freshmax in 2011 and today remains one of the premier banana marketers in Australia.

The Group expanded into global pipfruit in 2014 via the acquisition of Crasborn Group, one of New Zealand’s largest apple and pear orcharding and export businesses.

In 2016, Freshmax signalled its focus on expansion into global markets and acquired ValleyFresh, an international fresh produce sales and distribution business with signifincat service assets in Australia.

Through our evolution we have retained a strong, strategic focus on innovation and IP development in order to augment our supply relationships around the world. Innovar, Freshmax’s dedicated IP management co., was formed in 2018 and today is at the forefront of proprietary variety development in Australia, New Zealand and other key territories.

Today, the Freshmax Group is one of the premier fresh produce businesses in the Asia-Pacific.

Partnering with the World’s Best Growers

From the San Joaquin Valley to Central Otago, we work with some of the finest growers around the Pacific Rim.

All of our growers share a common commitment to growing, harvesting and packing the highest quality fresh produce for local retailers in Australia and New Zealand and bluechip customers in Asia and our major export markets.

Exporting to the World

We supply markets all over the world with the highest quality cherries, citrus, table grapes, pipfruit, berryfruit, avocados and tropicals.

Our global export teams work hand in hand with our local producers and packers to market the freshest produce into over 35 countries year round.