Angelys and Piqa® Boo® shipments away

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Last week Freshmax sent its first 2018 shipments of Piqa® Boo® and ‘Angelys’ pears to China

Last week Freshmax sent its first 2018 shipments of Piqa® Boo® and ‘Angelys’ pears to China. With strong volume growth in production this year for both brands, the team are excited to see this translate at a consumer level. With in-market promotional activities planned, Freshmax expect to see a repeat of last year’s supply program, where all available product was welcomed with open arms at a record pace.

With demand continuing to far exceed a still limited supply, Freshmax have had to be strategic about where they make commitments until production increases. “We have targeted the key markets of Taiwan, China and Singapore,” States Greg Cassidy, Export Manager – International Pipfruit. “These markets maintain a strong tradition of pear consumption and the customers we work with there remain keen to support our programs and develop these new products in their market.”

The customers we work with … support our programs and [are keen] develop these new products in their market

China, Taiwan and Singapore markets have also seen a growing trend for healthy, nutritious food products but that are also unique and look appealing – making the visually distinctive Piqa® Boo® a high priority for them.

‘Angelys’ on the other hand has a broad appeal for many markets. It has a sweet, juicy and crunchy eating experience and a traditional bronze skin, and is starting to establish a consistent track record when handled and ripened correctly. “The timing is good too,” continues Cassidy “with a natural sales window in Asia between the end of the northern hemisphere supply and the start of the local Domestic supply.”

The Piqa® Boo® is visually appealing with a bright red unique colour, “…along with its juicy texture and refreshing flavour, this brand stands out and really appeal to premium Asian markets” states Cassidy. Piqa® Boo®also has very good shelf and storage capabilities which means the pear can be stored and sold over a longer period if required.