Freshmax Group sells New Zealand Pipfruit Operations

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Freshmax Group has successfully sold its New Zealand pipfruit business, inclusive of Freshmax Exports, Crasborn Fresh Harvest, Freshmax Orchards and Freshmax Farms.

The Freshmax board accepted an offer by GTP Orchards Limited, an entity related to MNF Family Office Limited (MNF), and completion of the sale occurred on 27th September 2022.

MNF are a privately-owned New Zealand investment group with interests in a range of industries including manufacturing, automotive, sawmilling and forestry. MNF has a strong background in the primary industries and has been seeking to invest in a New Zealand horticultural business of scale. Freshmax’s New Zealand pipfruit operations present the perfect opportunity to realise this goal.

For more information, please visit the KIWICRUNCH website and reach out to the team at GTP Orchards

Comment from our Chairman, David Smith

We have made a decision to exit our vertically integrated Hawkes Bay pipfruit business, but will have a continued involvement in the NZ apple sector via our New Zealand-based export business, Valleyfresh. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all of the current staff in the pipfruit business and wish them all the very best in their journey ahead.”

Comment from Group CEO, Murray McCallum

Comment from Group CEO, Murray McCallum This sale will enable our group to focus on and grow our other high-growth core categories across New Zealand and Australia, including cherries, berries, avocados and citrus.

Comment from GTP Orchards Executive Director, Wade Glass

Comment from GTP Orchards Executive Director, Wade Glass We are excited to be associated with this Pipfruit business, most importantly the strong management team with its focus on preserving the Crasborn values built over many decades.