Freshmax Kiwiberries available February 2016

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The countdown to Kiwiberry season has begun and customers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the delicious ready to eat snack from New Zealand.

Freshmax NZ Ltd is the exclusive holder of the New Zealand master kiwiberry license granted by Plant & Food Research.  Freshmax Export Manager Tracey Burns comments “due to the warm, dry New Zealand summer crop estimates are extremely favourable, producing fruit with high brix levels and an excellent flavour profile.  We should also see an earlier start to the season this year which is beneficial for our key export markets”.

Kiwiberries are highly prized in the International markets where consumers love the whole kiwiberry experience and look forward to seeing them on shelf each season.  Due to the small size, thin skin and sweet taste, kiwiberries are delightful when eaten whole just like a berry.

Increased interest in kiwiberries is driving demand and Freshmax is consistently investing in grower programs to build a solid supply program.  Kiwiberries have a strong shelf life and excellent storage qualities ensuring they arrive in export markets in peak quality.

Kiwiberries are available from February.