Packing Station enters new phase

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Valleyfresh and Etherington have been in a joint venture Packing facility since 2014, but today changes are afoot.

Valleyfresh and Etherington entered into a joint venture in 2014, establishing Packing Station in WA to drive prepacking innovation for wholesale and retail in an under-serviced market. Valleyfresh  provided their experience and know how in setting up an efficient pack house, and Etherington brought their network of local contacts and management experience.

With the business going from strength to strength, the decision has been made to shift ownership of Packing Station entirely to Etherington. Valleyfresh will continue to service the retail sector  via Packing Station  but  will no longer be involved in the packing facility’s day-to-day operations.

“The journey we have been on with Etherington has been a hugely positive one, and it is great that we can achieve a mutually beneficial approach to the next phase of its growth,” says Simon Powell – GM Valleyfresh Australia.

The journey we have been on with Etherington has been a hugely positive one

“The team at Valleyfresh have been a great help in setting up this facility, and it is a great outcome that Etherington can now take on the ownership and operational responsibility by ourselves,” says Grant Etherington “Our relationship with Valleyfresh is as strong as ever, and we look forward to working closely with the Valleyfresh team for many years to come.”