Starletta™ cherry harvest under way

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As the Lani™ season draws to a close, Freshmax is delighted to begin harvest of Starletta™ ‘the sweet white bite’.

Recognising the superior nature of the white-flesh variety, Starletta™ was the first cherry brand to be developed by the Freshmax Group in 2012. Since the initial launch, the brand has developed an incredible reputation and presence in the market.

“Retailers are thrilled to be receiving the new season Starletta™ and excitement is mounting for the upcoming season, especially given that our supply will run right through to Chinese New Year,” says Tracey Burns, Export Division Manager at Freshmax NZ. “We have been really encouraged by the support this season from both retailers and growers alike to execute our ambitious marketing campaign – from the packhouse including leaflets in every carton, growers supplying social media content, and retailers driving engagement at store level. We cannot thank them enough” continues Tracey Burns.

This week sees the start of the global Starletta™ marketing campaign, stay up to date via @StarlettaCherries on Facebook and Instagram. Starletta™ will be available in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan.