Sumo Citrus™ make shelves sweeter

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Sumo Citrus™ mandarins set to make supermarket shelves sweeter for a third year

Sweet news just in for all the citrus lovers out there…Sumo Citrus™ mandarins are set to hit Woolworths supermarket shelves for a third consecutive year.

Back by popular demand following a deliciously successful 2014 season, Sumo Citrus™ mandarins will return to Woolworths’ stores for a limited time only from 27 July.  They will be available in NSW, Victoria, Queensland – and for the first time in SA. Sumo Citrus™ mandarins will also be available on the Woolworths online store this year.

The Australian grown Sumo Citrus™ mandarin is best known for its exceptionally sweet and juicy flesh and extremely convenient seedless nature.  Living up to its ‘enormously good to eat’ persona, Sumo mandarins are naturally large in size and packed full of vitamin C, making them a healthy snack option and a hit with the kids’ lunchboxes!

Their bumpy, brightly coloured orange skin and trendy ‘top-knot’ make Sumo mandarins stand out from the citrus-fruit crowd!

Expected volumes this year take Sumo Citrus™ mandarins to well over 50,000 trays, double that of last year. This is as a result of some of the planted trees beginning to mature. Future volumes are expected to continue this growth rate for a few years to come.

Justin Kusselke of Cross Farms Curlwaa, NSW, said: “It’s great news that Sumo Citrus™ mandarins will be hitting Australian supermarket shelves for a third year.  Not only does this show that we had a successful season last year, it also proves that there is appetite among consumers for this deliciously different citrus fruit.

“The climate and soil conditions in NSW provide us with the ideal location to grow Sumo Citrus™ mandarins.  Each mandarin is individually tested for ripeness before being hand-picked, ensuring only the best fruit makes it to supermarket shelves,” adds Justin.

Originating more than 40 years ago, a citrus grower from Japan decided to combine the easy-to-peel nature of the Japanese Satsuma with the juicy, sweet oranges from California.  The result – the biggest mandarin you’ll ever see!

Sumo Citrus™ mandarins’ exceptionally sweet taste, make them an ideal ingredient in the kitchen, perfect for desserts, condiments, adding a citrus twist to any salad, fresh juices and even cocktails!

Sumo Citrus™ mandarins will be available in most Woolworth stores across NSW, Victoria, and Queensland as well as select stores in SA from 27 July. They will also be available via Woolworths Online.

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