Honey Belle™

If you like your apples crunchy then why not your pears? Honey Belle™ is crunchiest off-the-tree pear available.

A deliciously sweet early season pear, Honey Belle™ is best eaten while crisp and crunchy and is ready to eat from the moment picked.

Freshmax is the brand owner in both Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features

  1. Requires no ripening

  2. Naturally sweet with a crunchy texture

  3. Distinctive green colour with vibrant red blush


The Fruit

  • Size: Small (135g)
  • Shape: Pyriform
  • Colour: Green with a slight red blush
  • Texture and flavour: Crunchy, very sweet and aromatic

The Tree

  • Type: Vigorous upright to spreading
  • Flowering: Mid
  • Productivity: 60-70 tonnes per hectare

Honey Belle™ Availability

Honey Belle™
Domestic Production


  • European Pear, botanically known as Pyrus communis
  • The ‘Belle du Jumet’ variety


  • Early season off the tree pear


  • Exclusive license in Australia and New Zealand


Australia Supply
+61 3 9688 5100 Email
New Zealand Supply
+64 9 573 8517 Email
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