Modì™ Apple

The Modì™ Apple is possibly the crunchiest apple on the market, and beautifully juicy and sweet.

Modi™ is a very crunchy and juicy red apple, with a wonderful flavour surpassed only by its superb storage capabilities.

Originally bred in Italy, as part of a Black Spot resistance program, Modi™ is today available throughout Australia.

The brand is named after the famous painter Modigliani, or Modi for short. The apple has a wonderful flavour surpassed only by its superb storage capabilities.

Key Features

  1. Deep Red skin colour and white flesh

  2. Distinctive cylindrical shape

  3. Superbly crunchy and juicy

  4. High scab resistance


The Fruit

  • Size: 70-80mm average
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Colour: Cherry red, purple
  • Texture and flavour: Firm, crunchy and juicy pulp

The Tree

  • Type: Similar to Gala but not as vigourous
  • Flowering: Early
  • Productivity: 75+ tonnes per hectare

Modi™ Apple - Availability

Domestic Production


  • CIVG198 was originally bred in Italy; cross between Liberty and Royal Gala
  • Originates from a black spot breeding program


  • Good storage
  • Excellent shelf life


  • Exclusive licenses in New Zealand and Australia


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New Zealand Supply
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