With a distinctively firm and crunchy texture, Starletta™ is one of New Zealand's most delicious cherries.

Starletta™ is consistently larger in size than other white cherries grown in New Zealand. This delicious cherry is exported right across the world from some of New Zealand’s best cherry growers.

This exclusive cherry brand delivers a beautifully firm and crunchy texture along with a wonderfully distinct flavour and eating experience.

Key Features

  1. Superior white cherry with firm and crunchy texture

  2. Consistenty larger in size than other white cherries grown in New Zealand

  3. Delivering premium return in Asian markets


The Fruit

  • Size: Large
  • Colour: Yellow base with orange-red blush skin and white flesh
  • Texture and flavour: Firm, superbly sweet and crunchy

The Tree

  • Tree is medium vigour and late flowering.
  • It has a heavy bloom and is productive.

Starletta™ Availability

Domestic Production


  • Developed by PICO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Summerland Nurseries, Canada


  • Exclusive in New Zealand



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