Our scale makes us primed to offer efficient and innovative packing solutions and approaches  

The Freshmax Group maintains a broad network of supply and packing partners across multiple countries. As such we are always exploring opportunities to drive greater efficiency for all parties. This can often involve consolidated packing solutions, but also investment ventures to update and enhance existing facilities.

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Global Apple and Pear Packing services

The scale of our New Zealand Apple and Pear operations (Freshmax Exports Limited) means that we can offer packing and consolidation services across our locations with complete traceability and the option of export servicing as well.

Post Harvest Facilities

Our leading growing standards are matched with leading post-harvest practices. All fruit we handle is treated with the utmost care and attention. Our Apple and Pear Packhouse has BRC accreditation – the leading safety and quality certification programme available.

The packhouse follows the principles of BRC not just for legal but also moral and ethical obligations – we believe that we must provide complete protection to the end consumer. This approach ensures retailer confidence in the fruit that we supply.


Australian Prepacking Services

Valleyfresh Australia is a preferred packer for many of Australia’s leading fresh produce growers. We have invested heavily in state of the art machines and packing equipment to comfortably manage large local and export packing orders. Our purpose built operations in Melbourne and Sydney can accommodate all types of film, net bag, and flow wrap packing configurations.

Valleyfresh Australia offers a wide range of pre-packing options for all types of fruit and vegetables. Options Include:

  • Stripband Bagging
  • Net Bagging
  • Flow Wrapping (punnets and moulds)
  • Plix Tray Packing
  • Punnets – hand and machine fill
  • Customised Labelling


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