Ambitious Objectives for New Zealand Cherries

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Freshmax is soon to launch its New Zealand export cherry program with the superior Lani™, closely followed by Starletta™. Lani™ is an early, large sized red cherry and Starletta™ is a white cherry that promises a “sweet white bite”.

Aside from being extremely high quality and exceptional in taste, Lani™ itself is an early season cherry so is the first New Zealand export cherry out of Central Otago each year, adding appeal for overseas markets. There is a real optimism about the season ahead, with Lani™ cherries expected to be ready in early December.

“We are really excited about the cherry season ahead with enormous ambitions for Lani™ and Starletta™ – we have made a significant marketing investment and our objectives are clear; we want to establish ourselves in the hearts of consumers, create an engaged online community and continue to reinforce our premium positioning. We’ve seen a loyal online-following develop for the Munch’n™ Kiwiberry brand and see an equally huge opportunity for Lani™ and Starletta™ to achieve the same success.” says Tracey Burns, Export Division Manager – Freshmax New Zealand.

With an extensive marketing campaign planned for the season; both brands will be supported across various marketing touch points including instore activity, a strong digital and social media campaign, regional consumer PR and the launch of branded websites. To follow all the latest action on social media, search for @LaniCherries and @StarlettaCherries on Facebook and Instagram.