Freshmax Australia invests in Seedless Citrus production

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Freshmax Australia has recently made significant strides in its ongoing 40Ha planting program of Tangold Seedless™ mandarins on their own farm in Swan Hill. With an initial 20Ha now in the ground, and a further 20Ha planned for the next 18 months, this move will further diversify the Swan Hill property’s production and with it Freshmax’s category integration.

Freshmax’s Swan Hill property has historically focused on stonefruit varieties – both proprietary and commodity – but this move to diversify will drive a better year-round approach for the property. “Stonefruit is a summer crop whereas citrus is winter – this diversification will therefore ensure better utilisation of staff resources,” states Andrew Maughan, on behalf of Freshmax Australia. “Also, Tangold Seedless™ is a core pillar of our group’s citrus program – so it made sense that we also invest in the production of the variety,” continues Maughan. Swan Hill is known for its suitability to grow both Stonefruit and Citrus lines.

Initial commercial crops from the property are expected in 2021 and will join the far larger pool of Tangold Seedless™ now planted across all growing regions. Over the eight years that follow, commercial output of Tangold Seedless™ from the property will reach roughly 2500 tonne pa. And, like the rest of the Tangold Seedless™ production that is coming into volume right now, the crop will be heading to stores and wholesale floors domestically but also a significant role to play off shore. “We are excited to take Tangold Seedless™ to our international customers,” says Saxon Call from Valleyfresh Exports “the samples we have seen so far show real promise and potential in future category export programs.”

“Vertical integration continues to play a critical role in our strategy,” states Dan Reeves, CEO of Freshmax Australia. “Whilst this means so much more than owning properties, where we do it is critical to get the right mix of crop into the ground.”

Tangold Seedless™ seedless mandarins are deep in colour and rich in flavour. To maintain a seedless characteristic for Tangold Seedless™ you don’t need netting or isolation. And as a result, Tangold Seedless™ growers can more easily produce citrus fruit that meets consumers ever increasing expectations on flavour and seed count.