Freshmax New Zealand

Freshmax has formed a key part of the New Zealand fresh produce industry since its inception

Today the Freshmax New Zealand business focuses across six core categories and three main disciplines: domestic provision, importation for domestic markets and export for overseas markets.


Major Domestic Player

  • Large-scale supply partner to all national retail partners
  • Exclusive Produce supplier to leading Food Service business
  • Three trading floors: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch
  • Three distribution centers, Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch


Industry Leading Importer

  • Exclusive agent for Fyffes Bananas and Pineapples in New Zealand
  • Largest importer of Calypso mangos in NZ
  • Strong alliance to the Pacific Islands for winter supply
  • Import from 12 different countries
  • Points of difference
    • Watermelons and Pumpkin from Pacific Islands
    • Only importer with a Banana position from Panama
    • Calypso handling/ripening in Australia specific to meet NZ markets
    • One of New Zealand’s largest Australian Packham Pear importers


New Zealand Exports

New Zealand is world renowned for producing some of the world’s finest fruit and vegetables and Freshmax is proud to offer export-class product from some of the country’s best orchards and farms. With operation and logistic centres in each of New Zealand’s growing regions we are well positioned to select and deliver premium product to our export markets in-season.

Our core export produce categories include:


Apple and Pear

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