The Freshmax Group has extensive experience in the licensing, development and commercialization of new varieties and brands.


Through its dedicated intellectual property (IP) subsidiary, Innovar™, Freshmax has been working with breeding programs around the world. Across Oceania, Innovar™ stands as an Intellectual Property (IP) leader and has built its future business model around the development and promotion of exclusive and semi-exclusive varieties.


What drives us?

We see that exclusive IP delivers the following benefits to Freshmax and our partners:

  • Diversity of earnings
  • Potential access to premium returns above commodity lines for production partners
  • ‘Future-proofing’ in select categories – where IP brands have increasing demand curves
  • Ability to access and leverage blue-chip customers globally.

Because Apple and Pear form a core global category for the entire Freshmax Group, Innovar™ is heavily invested in the development of a number of exclusive apple and pear brands/ varieties: Honey belle™, Angelys, Kanzi™, Mahana Red™, Kiku™, Modi™, Crimson Snow™ and now Piqa™ Boo™.

By embracing new varieties in key categories we are able to compete strategically both now and long into the future.

The company is also heavily invested in new summerfruit, berryfruit and citrus varieties and IP. Brands include: Starletta™, Lani™, Munch’n™ kiwiberry, Provedo™, Sumo Citrus™, Tangold™ and Gold Nugget™.


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