With a stunningly dark appearance and deliciously sweet flavour, Lani™ cherries form one New Zealand's most premium cherry brands.

Dark, sweet and early ripening, Lani™ cherries give customers an opportunity to be the first with New Zealand cherries each year.

Exported right across the world, this cherry brand is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after cherry brands to ever come out of New Zealand.


Key Features

  1. Superior quality dark cherry

  2. Large size with firm and crunchy texture

  3. Early-ripening with great export potential from New Zealand


The Fruit

  • Size: Large
  • Firmness: Very high
  • Colour: Dark red skin
  • Texture and flavour: Excellent, firm and crunchy, juicy and sweet
  • Stem: short and thick

The Tree

  • Medium to high vigour. Early flowering and heavy fruit set, productive.

Lani™ Availability

Domestic Production


  • Includes a variety bred and owned by French National Institute of Agricultural Research, INN


  • Exclusive in New Zealand


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