Global Reach

Freshmax works with customers and suppliers right across the world

Delivering to all Corners of the World

Throughout the supply chain of Fresh Produce, from field to fork, we see opportunities to drive innovation and efficiency. This philosophy has driven us to the scale we maintain today. We manage commercial relationships across 87 countries spanning seven continents. Annually we handle more than 36 million boxes of fresh produce.

Domestic operations

Across Australia and New Zealand, Freshmax plays a considerable role in direct-to-retail, wholesale and food service industries. From our fresh market presence in Melbourne and Brisbane markets, to our purpose-built wholesale floor in Auckland, the key features of our domestic businesses across Australia and New Zealand include:

  • Servicing all major supermarket chains daily
  • Despatching from a wide network of regional and urban-based distribution centres
  • Supplying more than 200 product lines across 8 eight core categories (six in each country)
  • Year round supply of high quality produce from domestic and overseas supply partners

Global Export Operations

Both Australia and New Zealand are world-renowned for producing some of the world’s finest fruit and vegetables and Freshmax is proud to offer export-class product from some of the countries’ best orchards and farms.

Freshmax’s cool chain distribution network ensures our product comes to you as fresh as the day it was picked and packed. By becoming closer to our suppliers and investing into our growing operations we are able to secure the best produce for export to world markets.

Freshmax is renowned for demanding stringent quality management systems and our network of growers strictly adhere to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). Production assured by GLOBAL GAP and BRC certification provides international customers with complete traceability and confidence in food safety standards.

Driving Global Pipfruit

In 2014 we increased our role in the global apple and pear category by acquiring the Crasborns Group, a large scale apple and pear export business. Based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, this operation is now fully integrated into the Freshmax Group, and today we are an industry leader in the global apple and pear category.


Growing Our Global Reach

After significant investment in 2014, Valleyfresh Global is now fully integrated into the Freshmax Group

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