Quality Control

Freshmax has put quality first since its inception. Today, quality remains a cornerstone of our strategy.

Why is quality important?

Since its inception the Freshmax Group has always put Quality first.

This started with a Quality Assurance Manager and in September 2010 we introduced a Product Technologist to the team as well as ensuring that every site had its own Quality Control (QC) staff and processes in place.

Today, Freshmax runs more than multiple locations, all of which adhere to the same quality framework and system. No small challenge, but one that we relish every day.


How is our approach different?

The Freshmax QC process is a simple one. But it is one that we never stray from. All consignments are checked at receival and if stored for more than 48 hours then a dispatch check is done as well. Additional checks can be arranged as required, and the level of detail of each check can be modified to suit specific customer needs.

Our QC staff are professionally trained experts, and are constantly reviewing each other’s work and assessing our capabilities internally. They are adept at using the latest in QC software for data entry and reporting. By using this software we can generate reports and cross examinations around a large variety of customer specifications. This of course helps us to reduce rejection rates and offers a great gateway for preliminary warnings if a consignment needs to be re worked / re labelled etc.

Whilst we do not maintain laboratories on site, we have existing relationships of this nature to outsource this particular element of the process should it be needed.


What products can we offer QC support for?

Whilst we are a fresh produce business and so our team focuses mostly on fresh fruit and vegetables day-to-day, these same processes and specifications are very customisable. Examples of industries that our QC processes can relate to include:

  • Packaged goods
  • Non-allergenic products
  • Whole fruit and vegetables
  • Fresh cut fruit and vegetables

The only elements that we cannot deliver QC for are the same as those that we cannot store on site. This simply includes all allergen products.


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