DBM, formerly Deluca Banana Marketing, has been a part of the Freshmax Group for over ten years.

Today, DBM forms one of the largest domestic banana businesses in Australia with strong, long-standing supply programs with two of the three major national retailers.


Working with Australia’s Best Growers

DBM’s sustained relationship with the best quality growers in the Tablelands and Far North Queensland ensures we can deliver a supply program that offers both quality and quantity to meet demand. We are also working to help these growers diversify their plantations to include produce from other categories, such as citrus. This program is delivered in collaboration with global IP partner Innovar.

Best in Class Service Provision

The scale of DBM has enabled us to become a leading provider of ripening services to the banana and other tropical categories, such as Avocado and Mango.


Freshmax manages industry leading ripening centres right across Australia

Cold Store

Our extensive global network gives rise to numerous opportunities for cold store and warehousing services.  

Broadening Category Opportunities

Our close partnership with VF Direct has ensured a reliable New Zealand Avocado Imports program can also be delivered year on year. As a result, we have a number of categories that we operate within:


Freshmax has a long track record of working with Australia’s best growers. As such we have become one of the largest banana businesses in the ...



We have built our avocado business with a strong commitment to quality, presentation and customer satisfaction. We have a comprehensive supply chain ...