Fumigation forms an intrinsic part of the Australian Produce industry, and Freshmax has been consolidating & fumigating orders for many years.

Why come to us?

Freshmax has been consolidating & fumigating orders for its Tasmanian customers for many years. Recently we have started offering this same service to our Melbourne-based wholesale & retail partners – and it has proven very popular.

We have state of the art automated fumigation chambers, and cool rooms with temperatures ranging from 0-28 degrees.

By engaging our services growers and wholesalers can realise all financial benefits of a one stop shop for:

  • Consolidation
  • Fumigation
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Plant health assurance certification
  • Treatment records
  • Cool storage and distribution


How are we different?

There are a number of factors that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Extended cut off timing for stock receival, by at least four hours
  • Cool chain throughout the whole process
  • Pre-fumigation inspection for Queensland fruit fly
  • Maintain industry standards for pre-cooling and pre-heating of stock
  • Service available on weekends and public holidays
  • State of the art fumigant capture & ventilation – these meet environmental and OHS standards
  • Already employ six fully certified Fumigators and are hiring more
  • Because we already fumigate for our own produce we can provide cost efficiencies for yours.


The Latest Technology

Freshmax strives for constant innovation in the technology that it engages and offers to its clients. As a result, a significant investment has been made on our new premises located at Epping Market. Whilst our current systems are already highly advanced, at Epping we will have state of the art Fumigation & Consolidating facilities. This will enable us to continue to provide excellent and convenient fumigation services.


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