Freshmax Farms

The Freshmax Group prides itself on supply chain integration, and for us this starts in our orchards.

Beyond the hundreds of growers that Freshmax works with across each of its core categories, we also grow our own produce. Across Australia and New Zealand we are the proud owners of more than 500ha of orchards focused on the production of apple, pear, citrus and summerfruit lines.

Freshmax owns and manages farming operations across Australia and New Zealand across three of our core categories: summerfruit, apple and pear and citrus. We also partner in joint ventures with supply partners across the world. This ensures a strong and well established flow of innovation and best practice is constantly accessible to us and to our network of supply partners.

Principally, Freshmax operates farming operations in two main regions:


Freshmax Swan Hill

Freshmax Swan Hill is a 125 hectare property with 110 plantable hectares.

There are 40 hectares of new plantings Tangold Seedless™ mandarins planted with first commercial production to commence in 2020 with an anticipated 2,000+ tonnes of premium seedless mandarins.

Swan Hill is a premium early producing summerfruit region which plays an important part to Freshmax Australia’s pre Christmas summerfruit supply window. There are 70 hectares of summerfruit made up of yellow and white nectarines, yellow and white peach, apricots and plums. Sunworld Honeycot™ are planted on the property and newly developed blocks of export suitable varieties suitable for the Asian market.

This property will also become home to plantings of Freshmax exclusive Provedo™ varieties. Following their release from quarantine, test trees are being planted in 2018.



Freshmax Hawkes Bay

In the Hawkes Bay, we lease, manage and own over 500 hectares of apple and pear orchards. All of these and all other supply parties that we work with follow the New Zealand apple and pear industry IFP and Apple Futures programme, which was initiated in 2008. This incorporates pest monitoring, disease models and biological controls to reduce chemical residues on New Zealand grown apples.

  • Owned – 160ha
  • Leased – 300ha
  • Managed – 108ha

Our Hawkes Bay orchards are home a large number of our exclusive varieties, such as: Honey Belle™ pear, Kanzi™ apple, Piqa® Boo® pear, and Diva™ apple.



Post Harvest Facilities

Our leading growing standards are matched with leading post-harvest practices. All fruit we handle is treated with the utmost care and attention. Our apple and pear packhouse has BRC accreditation – the leading safety and quality certification programme available.

The packhouse follows the principles of BRC not just for legal but also moral and ethical obligations – we believe that we must provide complete protection to the end consumer. This approach ensures retailer confidence in the fruit that we supply.