Freshmax owns multiple orchards and farms of its own, but beyond this - the many supply partners we source from and the way we support them is crucially important.

Growing our Own

Beyond the hundreds of growers that Freshmax works with across each of its core categories, we also grow our own produce. Across Australia and New Zealand we are the proud owners of more than 500ha of orchards focused on the production of apple, pear, citrus and summerfruit lines.

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Delivering the Fundamentals

Sales & Marketing – Focused on Returns

Freshmax works with suppliers from right across the world with very different expectations and ways of working. However, one thing holds true through all of our supply relationships – we are focused on the return, both now and in the future. Whilst the immediate bottom line is critically important, we also work with our supply partners both overseas and domestic to appreciate and support the realisation of their longer term goals.

Continuous Improvement in the Supply Chain

As a Front End Services business that has touch points right across the supply chain, Freshmax takes great pride in constantly challenging its supply chain partners to drive for the best quality and most efficient cool chain. Maintaining this drive forms a key point of difference between Freshmax and many of its piers.

Global Supply means Global Sourcing

We source from all major production regions that align to our core categories both domestically and globally. In all instances we strive to maintain relationships with the suppliers that maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring we can deliver this same standard to our customers.


Wider support on offer

Beyond the provision of returns to growers, Freshmax works hard to offer a wide range of additional support and development frameworks to its supply partners.

Partnered Investment

  • At Freshmax, we recognise that partnered investment is often what enables a supply partner to go from good to great
  • We currently offer this partnership to a range of our grower partners in a wide variety of formats

Technical Field Days & International Study Tours

  • Freshmax works in partnership with industry bodies and global license holders to coordinate / support technical field days for all of its supply partners right across the world
  • As a result of its heavy involvement in the development of new varieties and brands (through Innovar™), Freshmax regularly runs international study tours to see the world’s new varieties, best practice and to continue building long term relationships with our supply partners

Quality and Accreditation Support

  • Produce Quality standards are always enhancing and so too are the teams and systems we have in place to lead the field
  • These teams work closely with all supply partners to achieve all necessary accreditation and certification required (review our own accreditation details)

Formation and Governance of IP driven Grower Groups

  • Freshmax drives the development of a wide range of new varieties coming through its categories (through Innovar™)
  • Often this includes the founding and continued governance of extensive grower groups for a given variety, including international study tours and agronomist preharvest visits.

Harvest Maturity Advisory

  • Freshmax works very closely with all of its supply partners to ensure the utmost quality standards are maintained
  • This includes helping supply partners to build harvest assessment models and processes that will enhance their business and its returns.

Agronomist Field Support

  • At Freshmax we recognise the difference between visiting the field and bringing value to the field. We therefore engage with category specialised agronomists to help drive the best growing practices and outcomes for our supply partners – particularly in regards to the IP varieties we work with (through Innovar™).

Farm Planning Advisory

  • Whenever we engage with a new variety, we look to see which of our supply partners have the most to gain from including it within their own respective offering
  • This primarily relates to gaps in supply chain and varietal regeneration, but also in helping balance the flow of premium and commodity trading lines and their bottom line impact.

Whole Tree Commercialisation

  • Freshmax recognises that the importance of scale in production must be equally matched by efficiency
  • We work with our supply partners to explore opportunities that have sustainable added value, such as premium juicing programs, commodity export lines, new product development such as fruit crisps and frozen yoghurt


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