Freshmax manages industry leading ripening centres right across Australia

Through these centres Freshmax delivers ripening services to all major retail customers across Australia, both for its own product and also as a third-party service provision for other successful partners and brands.

In some instances we even manage these ripening centres as a dedicated resource for a specific retail partner. So we appreciate the great skill and efficiency that is needed to make centres like this work at scale.


Continued Investment and Innovation

Ripening service provision plays a major part in our continued strategy in the Banana, Avocado and Mango categories and as such we continue to invest in our facilities to keep them efficient and innovative. The latest of these innovations was at our Brisbane Ripening Centre, that was showcased on the Foxtel TV show, “Industry leaders”, and can be watched on our Youtube channel.

Future investments are already underway across our Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland sites.

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Freshmax has a long track record of working with Australia’s best growers. As such we have become one of the largest banana businesses in the ...



We have built our avocado business with a strong commitment to quality, presentation and customer satisfaction. We have a comprehensive supply chain ...



Freshmax works with only the best quality growers across Australia to drive its Mango program. We work to ensure fruit stays at the best possible ...



As a produce business of significant scale and with many locations across multiple continents, it has always been our goal to provide industry-leading services.

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