Cold Store

Our extensive global network gives rise to numerous opportunities for cold store and warehousing services.  

Why come to us?

Across Australia and New Zealand, Freshmax manages 24 large scale warehouses and DCs. These facilities are purpose built for warehousing and cold storage and are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are all also within prime reaching distance of main urban / transport hubs. In all of these we also maintain a wide range of temperature zones, making the facilities versatile to suit your needs. Our facilities are also close to Retail DC centres, reducing your transport bill and able to provide JIT as your customer requires.

With commercial relationships in more than 80 countries worldwide, and operations in seven countries – we have extensive opportunities for warehousing service provision.

We already use the facilities to supply into Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers. This requires that we maintain superb quality standards across all areas. As we already operate from these facilities ourselves, we aim to better the costs you would potentially incur for using any alternative third party service provider.. We know the importance of efficient and effective supply chain management.


How are Freshmax different?

There are a number of factors that distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Our facility management teams have a vast amount of experience that means we will understand your needs and accommodate them without challenge
  • As we already use these facilities, we will be able to deliver you significant efficiencies
  • With elevations in the expectations for supply chain flexibility we are on a journey of efficiency measures – we can take you with us
  • We would offer complete confidentiality to any businesses using our facilities for warehousing and cold storage.


The Latest Facilities and Technology

Case study – Freshmax Brisbane

The Freshmax Brisbane Warehouse was completely refurbished in 2017. Now at 10,000m2 in capacity, the facility processes more than 1m cartons of bananas per week, and can ripen 90m cartons of bananas, avocados and mangoes every year.

We already use this facility to deliver both storage and ripening services to some of Australia’s biggest brands.


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