'Angélys' is the queen of pears and has juicy, fine flesh which is sweetly flavoured.

Angélys™ has bronze skin with a very attractive pink blush.

Exclusive to Freshmax and its customers, Angélys is quickly establishing itself as one of the world’s finest pears.

Key Features

  1. Juicy fine flesh with sweet flavour profile

  2. Bronze skin with attractive pink blush

  3. Bred in Angers, France


The Fruit

  • Size: 75–90mm
  • Shape: Round, ovate
  • Colour: 60% russet over green background
  • Texture and flavour: Fine, soft and aromatic

The Tree

  • Type: Medium sized, upright to spreading
  • Flowering: Mid
  • Productivity: 50-70 tonnes per hectare

Angélys™ Availability

Domestic Production


  • Originally bred in Angers, France
  • Cross of Doyenne d’Hiver and Doyenne du Comice


  • Long storage, six months in refrigerated air and 10 months in CA


  • Exclusive license in New Zealand


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