The inspiration behind Kalettes™ comes from a desire to create a kale type of vegetable which is versatile, easy to prepare and looks great.

A combination of the best from brussel sprouts and kale, resulting in a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty flavours.

Key Features

  1. Frilly-Leaved top with streaks of purple on the leaf

  2. A fresh fusion of kale and brussel sprouts

  3. Sweet and nutty flavour


The Vegetable

Size: 6-10 grams

Colour: Purple green florets

Texture and flavour: Sweet and nutty


  • Kalettes™ originate from the UK, grown in England.
  • There are a number of varieties of seed.
  • Freshmax grows two varieties of the Kalettes™.


  • Refrigerated storage between 2° Celcius and 4° Celsius (ideal).


  • Exclusive license in New Zealand


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