Piqa® Boo®

The Piqa® Boo® is a bright red pear, eaten crunchy and oh so sweet.

The brand combines characteristics from European, Japanese and Chinese pears, giving the fruit a distinctive crisp, juicy texture and refreshing flavour.

It has exceptional storage and shelf life with a low susceptibility to scuff.

Key Features

  1. Striking red appearance with crisp, juicy white flesh

  2. Extremely high value export potential in to asia

  3. Exceptional storage capabilities


The Fruit

  • Size: Medium (185grams)
  • Shape: Pyriform
  • Colour: Bright red (colour improves in storage) with small brown lenticels
  • Texture and flavour: Crisp and juicy, sweet with low acidity

The Tree

  • Type: Strong upright growth, limited branches
  • Flowering: Late
  • Productivity: 35-50 tonne per hectare

Piqa® Boo® Availability

Piqa® Boo®
Domestic Production


  • Bred by world renowned Plant & Food Research in New Zealand Storage
  • Exceptional storage potential of 20+ weeks


  • Exclusive license in Australia
  • Non-exclusive license in New Zealand
  • Trademark(s) owned by Prevar Limited, Hastings, New Zealand


Australia supply
+61 3 9688 5100 Email
New Zealand supply
+64 9 573 8517 Email
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