Freshmax Australia

Today Freshmax Australia forms one of the largest diversified Fresh Produce Businesses in Australia

With a purely domestic focus, Freshmax Australia works with Australia’s best growers across each of its core categories. We deliver premium produce to key national and independent retail customers across the country.


Supply Chain integration

We manage our own integrated orchards across both Citrus and Summerfruit categories. Beyond this we maintain an extensive list of long term, coinvested supply partnerships with growers and packers that share our passion for innovation and efficiency.

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Serving all Scale of Retail

Freshmax Australia works with customers of a widely varying scale and reach, but one thing remains true – we make it our business to know what the customer needs and be there for them.

  • National Retail – Freshmax is proud of a long standing supply relationship that it maintains with all major retailers. From driving exclusive brands onto shelf to securing top up orders week in week out, we make it our business to know what the customer needs and be there.
  • Wholesale Market – In keeping with our pledge to sell “the whole tree” on behalf of our supply partners, Freshmax Australia maintains strong ties to all major wholesale markets across every state. This enables us to get the possible returns for the whole crop produced by our supply partners.
  • Independant Retailers – Recognising the heritage and history of the fresh produce markets, Freshmax maintains a strong presence in both the Brisbane and Melbourne Markets with stands that supply all of our core categories to independent retailers and green grocers.


Driving Category Focus

In recent years our Australian Business Unit has worked to streamline its strategic direction and focus in on a number of specific categories where we can deliver meaningful supply and service provision impact.

Leading Categories through IP & Brands

We represent one of the country’s leading varietal intellectual property (IP) commercial partners, with large scale consumer-centric brand campaigns going out through mainstream media every month. Today our core categories are:


Apple and Pear

Freshmax manages integrated supply programmes into both Australia and New Zealand’s leading retailers. Globally, we run supply and marketing ...



We have built our avocado business with a strong commitment to quality, presentation and customer satisfaction. We have a comprehensive supply chain ...



Freshmax has a long track record of working with Australia’s best growers. As such we have become one of the largest banana businesses in the ...



Today Freshmax plays a significant global role in traditional citrus lines and holds the licenses for some of the world’s most sought after citrus ...



Summerfruit is an exciting category, with delicious flavours and textures right across the category. Across the Freshmax Group we try to capture this ...



Freshmax works with only the best quality growers across Australia to drive its Mango program. We work to ensure fruit stays at the best possible ...