Freshmax Orchards

Freshmax Orchards owns and manages multiple integrated farming and packing facilities and works with many committed supply partners.


Freshmax owns and manages farming operations across Australia and New Zealand across three of our core categories: summerfruit, apple and pear and citrus. We also partner in joint ventures with supply partners across the world. This ensures a strong and well-established flow of innovation and best practice is constantly accessible to us and to our network of supply partners.

Freshmax Hawkes Bay

In the Hawkes Bay, we lease, manage and own over 500 hectares of apple and pear orchards. All of these and all other supply parties that we work with follow the New Zealand apple and pear industry IFP and Apple Futures programme, which was initiated in 2008. This incorporates pest monitoring, disease models and biological controls to reduce chemical residues on New Zealand grown apples.

  • Owned – 160ha
  • Leased – 300ha
  • Managed – 108ha

Our Hawkes Bay orchards are home a large number of our exclusive varieties, such as: Honey Belle™ pear, Kanzi™ apple, Piqa® Boo® pear, and Diva™ apple.


Partner Businesses

Freshmax Exports Limited

Following an extended New Zealand joint venture, Freshmax Exports Limited was formed as a result of our 2014 acquisition of the Crasborns Group

Crasborn FreshHarvest

Freshmax Global Pipfruit operates at such a scale, that it can offer third party packing services to many of New Zealand's most prestigious Apple growers.